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Our professional bespoke service will suit your sourcing needs in Vietnam. Every request we receive from you will undergo a comprehensive analysis in terms of quality and standards.

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, we provide you with the best sustainable price, guaranteed the highest quality, and consistent reliability. Our services are scalable, so you can determine exactly how we can be of assistance. Just product procurement is required or we can provide any combination of the services we offer.

We understand the market; with our extensive networks and relationships, we are able to find the most suitable supplier possible, and our services are designed to do everything to turn your idea from concept to reality. 


By finding a reputable supplier to partner with we can improve your competitiveness and efficiency in the global market


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1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Nitrile/Latex/Vinyl/TPE Gloves, FFP2 Masks, 3/4 ply Masks, Isolation Gowns, Syringes, Hand Wash, etc.
The medical supplies market is one of the most dynamic and progressive sectors in Vietnam. We can help you meet your requirements for PPE products that meet international quality standards (FDA, EUA, or CE). With our experience, customers can select verified suppliers and source a wide variety of PPE products related to COVID protection.
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2. Furniture (Home & Office)
Indoor/Outdoor Home Furniture; Desks, Chairs, Cabinets Office Furniture, etc.
Vietnam is a major manufacturer of furniture and this industry is very diverse, ranging from high-end custom-made timber furniture to small boutique shops selling unique custom designs. Our company can search factories by style, material, customizations and more. 
Industrial Designer
3. Per request
Are you looking at sourcing a manufacturer to create and brand products exclusively for you? We find the right vendor for you.


Organizing Data
  1. Consulting based on the needs.

  2. Factory selection to get the right supplier.

  3. Ordering samples for evaluation before signing contract.

  4. Inspection arrangement with third party (SGS/TUV/BV, etc.) for initial production inspection, during production inspection, final random inspection, etc. 

  5. Logistics arrangement for shipment to end destination.

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